HMV Collegiate Sr. Sec. School organized Workshop

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  • November 24, 2022
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Jalandhar November 24 (Jaswinder Singh Azad)- HMV Collegiate Sr. Sec. School organized one day workshop for training of teachers regarding 30th National Children Science Congress on the theme Understanding Ecosystem for Health and Well Being in collaboration with District Education Officer under the stewardship of Principal Dr. (Mrs.) Ajay Sareen. The workshop was commenced by lighting the lamp of knowledge with the recitation of Gayatri Mantra and Tilak Ceremony.

Principal Dr. (Mrs.) Ajay Sareen extended her hearty welcome by presenting green planters to Mr. Rajiv Joshi, Deputy DEO, Mr. Harjit Bawa, DM Science, Jalandhar and Resource Persons Mr. Rakesh Kumar, Principal, Sain Dass Sr. Sec. School, Jalandhar, Mr. Rajendra Kumar, Lecturer in Chemistry, Government Senior School, Gakhal, Mr. Haridarshan Singh, lecturer in Chemistry, Government Senior Secondary School, Dhure, Mr. Rajesh Sharma, Science Master, Government High School, Basti Bawa Khel, Jalandhar. She welcomed all the dignitaries and delegates present in the workshop.

Dr. Sareen appreciated whole heartedly about different projects

Dr. Sareen appreciated whole heartedly about different projects initiated for the training of teachers and said that this day would be highly enriching for them. While addressing she said that we need to be aware of our health and can increase the quality of our work only by staying healthy. She hoped that after getting training from the workshop, the teachers will prepare local level projects for students in their respective institutions through research based activities and by doing research based work, they will be able to connect scientific consciousness with local and global level activities and fulfil their duty as teachers.

In the end, she motivated teachers to maintain perpetually profound interest in the subject so that the students feel inspired and innovative spark naturally ignited in them to create better future of nation. Mr. Harjeet Bawa thanked the college principal and school Coordinator for organizing this workshop in the institution and welcomed the science teachers of various institutions and said that the Children’s Science Congress with its untiring efforts, has made its identity at the world level today, so the teachers should provide such training to the students that the subject awareness of them should increase and they will take Children Science Congress to greater heights by getting the best training.

Mr. Rajendra Kumar while talking about various topics of Science Congress

Mr. Rajendra Kumar while talking about various topics of Science Congress, discussed understanding of Eco System, what is Eco system, its different types and said that to keep the environment clean we should take concrete steps like instead of using Plaster of Paris for making idols, soil and clay etc. should be used. He gave the sound message of making this earth plastic free which makes our ecosystem and health in finer state. Mr. Rajesh Sharma shared his enlightening knowledge with the teachers about government schemes, various projects and how those projects should be evaluated.

Mr. Rajeev Joshi, Deputy DEO praised this commendable work

Mr. Rajeev Joshi, Deputy DEO praised this commendable work and in his address to the teachers present in the workshop, he said to prepare the students to participate in various activities with full dedication and hard work keeping the theme in mind so that they will develop holistically and glorify the name of the institution and the district by utilising their fullest potential. Mrs. Meenakshi Syal, School Coordinator, while giving vote of thanks, said that science makes our life comfortable and affects every aspect of life.

In her immensely efficacious note, she said that the workshop proved to all highly beneficial in acquiring knowledge in abundance. She said that in order to give pragmatic knowledge to students about Eco System, Eco Garden of HMV is the perfect example which is maintained by the students beautifully. A total of 222 school teachers participated in this workshop and Mr. Sanjeev Bansal, Mr. Rajeev Bhatti, Mr. Ravi, Mr. Surinder, Mrs. Kanchan and Mrs. Deepali graced the workshop as block mentors. The stage was moderated by Dr. Anjana Bhatia.

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