Innocent Hearts group of Institutions organized Ethnic Fashion Show- LAVOGA- 2022

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  • March 17, 2022
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Jalandhar March 17 (Jaswinder Singh Azad)- In endeavour to enhance personality and boost self- confidence of students, Innocent Hearts Group of Institutions organized Ethnic Fashion Show LAVOGA – 2022. Students from all departments of the institution took part in the event with full zeal and showcased their talent with colourful costumes along with their walking style.

Bollywood Actor Tanmay Pushkar graced the occasion as Celebrity Judge.

The event was divided into three rounds: Theme-based, Talent Hunt and Questionnaire round. Dance and Singing activities were also organized to represent the cultural diversity of the Nation. In sync with the theme of “Ethnic Wear”, the multi-talented students chose a variety of fashion attire from different parts of India and beautifully displayed their costumes on-ramp. Best participants were appreciated with 8 different title names as given below:    Title Name                      Student Name                  Class
1           Ms IHGI-2022              Sunali                                 B.Sc. Agriculture (8th Semester)
2           Mr. IHGI-2022            Gursewak Singh               BBA (4th Semester)
3           Ms. Graceful                  Christina                           BBA (6th Semester)
4           Mr. Handsome              Neeraj                                BBA (4th Semester)
5           Stylish Hunk                  Puneet Singh                    BHMCT (2nd Semester)
6           Pretty Smile                   Anjali                                  BBA (2nd Semester)
7           Ms. Best Attire               Ekta                                    BCA (6th Semester)

Dr. Shailesh Tripathi (Group Director, Innocent Hearts) congratulated all faculty members and students for organising the event. He stated that this event will boost the confidence of the students and inspire them to improve their personalities as well.

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