KMV organizes Botanical Anatomy Expedition

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  • August 13, 2023
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Botanical Anatomy

Students provide information regarding different plants through their innovative models

Jalandhar August 12 (Jaswinder Singh Azad)- Kanya Maha Vidyalaya– Institution’s Innovation Council in collaboration with PG Department of Botany organized a Botanical Anatomy Expedition. This was a remarkable event that brought together participants with a passion for botany, creativity, and craftsmanship. Participants came from both graduate and post graduate groups, making the event a dynamic blend of ideas and perspectives & displayed remarkable creativity by using a variety of materials such as clay, paper, wood, threads, beads and even recycled materials to prepare the models.

Participants not only showcased their artistic skills but also demonstrated their understanding of plant anatomy. Each model was accompanied by a brief description explaining the structure, function, and significance of the chosen plant part. This activity succeeded in promoting a deeper understanding of plant anatomy through artistic expression. This competition not only showcased the artistic talents of the participants but also highlighted the importance of understanding plant anatomy for ecological awareness and scientific advancement.

Principal Prof Atima Sharma Dwivedi interacted with the students

Principal Prof Atima Sharma Dwivedi interacted with the students and lauded the students for their efforts and also motivated them to keep doing such activities in the future. Faculty members Mrs. Shikha Vashisht, Dr Sandeep Kaur. Dr Sandeep Singh, Ms. Nisha, Ms. Urvashi, Dr Bhavana were also present.

Results for the competition were as follows:

FIRST PRIZE: Sanya & Riya Thakur.

SECOND PRIZE: Tabish Warsia & Akriti , Namarta.

THIRD PRIZE: Pratiksha, Mancy & Shivali, Nusrat

CONSOLATION: Kalpana Devi & Mandeep, Anupreet & Jasmeen Kaur , Babanpreet Kaur & Surbhi.

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