KMV organizes Mega Event SCI- VESTA to explore Science for Sustainable Life

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  • August 4, 2022
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More than 200 students from different colleges participate in the various activities

Jalandhar August 4 (Jaswinder Singh Azad)- Kanya Maha Vidyalaya (Autonomous) organized SCI VESTA under DST Curie Grant to explore scientific temperament in students. More than 200 science students from different colleges participated in the various activities. The event was co-ordinated by the heads of science departments and other faculty members. Department of Physics organized various fun activities like Balance life with physics, Motion in a vertical circle, Water Whirlpool, Demonstrations of Doppler Effect and Black holes and various fun games where concepts of physics were directly applicable.

Students of P.G. Department of Chemistry organized “Fun with Chemistry” in which they mentored the undergraduate students and demonstrated simple experiments likelava lamp, elephant toothpaste, fake blood, hidden message, golden rain. Emoji quiz, chemical dumbsharad and demonstration of solid state models were also organized and the winners were given exciting prizes. P.G.Department of Zoology conducted fun activities related to sciences such as know your blood group, know your bones etc.

Various competitive activities were also organized such as “Identify Me”

Various competitive activities were also organized such as “Identify Me” where the students identified different specimens, “Science Behind Inheritance of Traits” where the students made mendelian crosses for different traits by beads. In P.G. Department of Botany, students took part in events like rearrange the flower parts, Identify me (Shape of leaf), Play with clay, Plant waffle words, PlantaQuest and Plant parody. P.G. Department of Mathematics organizedOopsilon- a competition for measuring face beauty, Sudoku-the mind game, Logical Quester-Fun Game Zone, Mathematical Mehendi competition and Sulabh Sutras- a workshop and quiz on Vedic Mathematics.

In Sudoku, Ms Sejalpreet Kaur (B.Sc. (Honours) Math Sem III) got first prize; in Mathematical Mehandi Ms Harjot Nikita (B.Sc C.Sc. Sem V) got first prize. Ms Harjot Nikita (B.Sc C.Sc. Sem V), Kalpana Sharma (B.Sc. Non-Med Sem V), Ms Muskan Chauhan (B.Sc. (Honours) Math Sem III) got first prizes respectively in Step game, Divided attention and fitting of Triangular Blocks. Ms Santosh (M.Sc. Mathematics Sem I) got first prize in Oopsilon. Ms Amanpreet Kaur (B.Sc. (Honours) Math Sem III) got first prize in quiz on Vedic Mathematics. Ms Davinder Kaur (M.Sc Mathematics Sem III) won the title of Miss Mathematics.

Principal Prof. Dr. Atima Sharma Dwivedi congratulated the science faculty for successfully organizing such a meaningful activity.She also commended the students for actively participating in this program and motivated them to maintain the same zeal and enthusiasm in their future endeavors as well.

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