One day Educational Trip to CSIO Chandigarh

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  • March 19, 2023
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Educational Trip

Jalandhar March 18 (Jaswinder Singh Azad)- PG department of Physics organized one day educational trip to CSIO labs, Chandigarh. The incharges of this trip were Mrs. Saloni Sharma and Mr. Sushil Kumar escorted 32 students of B.Sc (Sem II and IV) to CSIO labs with the purpose to inspire the students to think out of box and have insight of the research work underlying the development of technology. The students were guided by the scholars of the institution to various labs. Mechatronics lab instructor explained the importance of a programming based device over exhausting computer work. The scholars explained the combination of mechanics and electronics to create a booming mechatronics.

A large computer programme was designed by the scholars to reduce labor and cost using basics of C+, C++ languages. The working of Pick and place robot and Mig welding robot were explained to the students. Mechanical and Advanced manufacturing lab consists of different instruments to check the perfectness of shapes of surfaces like roundness, flatness, inclination etc. The Working model of different section of a factory like manufacturing unit, testing and packaging and storage units were also demonstrated to the students. Moreover, the details of flight simulator were explained about how pilots of fighter planes target their rival for attack.

Students also visited food testing and adulteration lab, Nanotechnology lab, agrionics lab, microbiology lab

Students also visited food testing and adulteration lab, Nanotechnology lab, agrionics lab, microbiology lab. They were also explained various projects being undertaken by the scientists in these labs. The students were informed about the scope of these fields. The students were guided and motivated by the scientists in these labs to enroll themselves for summer internship, projects and Ph.D programmes in their institute. Queries of the students were cleared by the scholars.

The trip was very informative. Along with this, students enjoyed at Sukhna lake and Sector 17, Chandigarh. The trip was beneficial to plant the seed of research work amongst the students in order to increase utility of science and make it accessible to everyone. Madam Principal congratulated the Department for successful organization of such an event.

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