PCM SD College for Women holds Industrial Visit to Chohal, Hoshiarpur (Punjab)~

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  • May 12, 2022
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Industrial Visit

Jalandhar May 12 (Jaswinder Singh Azad)- PG department of Commerce and Management organised an industrial visit for the students to JCT Ltd. Chohal (Hoshiarpur). The main aim of the visit was to provide a practical insight into the working of the Operative Department like Production, Finance, Inspection, Packing, etc. The students were taken on the company tour inside the campus into two groups. The information regarding the product and its manufacturing process right from the stage of raw material to the stage of finished goods was given by Mr. Prem, a senior employee from the Administrative Department.

The students started their tour from the Poly department where chemicals are used to make polymer which is a basic ingredient to make nylon filament, yarn, mono filament yarn and crimp yarn. Students were also informed about the role of temperature in maintaining the quality of the liquefied granules being converted into synthetic yarn. Floor inspection and Centralised inspection were the key factors for aintaining the quality. Lastly, the students were taken to the Packing division of the company.

The company also illustrated the the 5S motto of Japanese efficiency of focussing on effective workplace organisation, simplifying workplace environment, reducing waste while improving quality and safety where S1 refers to ‘Sorting’, S2 means ‘Set in Order’, S3 related to ‘Shine’, S4 reflects ‘Standardization’ and S5 stands for ‘Sustain’.

Around eighty four students visited the plant

Around eighty four students visited the plant and six teachers accompanied them. The students were also familiarised with concepts of Scientific Management as given by F.W. Taylor like Time Study, Motion Study and Safety Standards. They were also taken to the final product enclosure where the were shown fabrics like Pashmina, Chinon, Ruby Royal, Crepe, Chirmin, Satin and Bembar that are made with Nylon filament.

The plant covered an area of 30 acres and was a perfect example of an eco-friendly approach. In the end, special thanks were accorded to Mr Rajan Sharma, Administrative Head and Mr Sushil Sharma, Senior Head. Honourable members of the managing committee and Principal Prof (Dr.) Pooja Prashar felicitated the department for holding such a visit which was a part of the learning experience.

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