Red Cross Cell of PCM SD College for Women holds Awareness lecture on HIV AIDS

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  • May 23, 2022
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Red Cross

Jalandhar May 23 (Jaswinder Singh Azad)- Under the able tutelage of Dr. (Mrs.) Pooja Prashar, Red Cross Cell organised a Lecture on ‘HIV AIDS Awareness’. Dr. Alka, Medical Officer, ART center, Jalandhar and Sh. Surinder Saini, General Secretary, Jalandhar Welfare Society were the invited speakers. They threw light on the signs, symptoms, transmission and its various prevention measures of HIV AIDS.They talked about the infection which is caused by the Human Immune Deficiency Virus (HIV) in the human body that results in weakening of people’s immune system against infections.

The Doctor also talked about the most advanced stage of HIV infection. The transmission of HIV is not limited to serial contact but it can also be carried out by sharing needles or syringes, receiving blood transfusions and from mother to child. They further made us aware that it can be prevented if people are enlightened about preventive measures like parent to child transmission, integrated counseling, forming testing centres, promotion of voluntary blood donation and access to safe blood and targeted interventions for high risk groups and bridge groups.

Members of the managing committee and the worthy Principal of the college Prof (Dr.) Pooja Prashar applauded the efforts of the incharges of Red Cross Cell, Mrs. Shivani Sharma(Head,P.G Department of Computer Science & IT)and Mrs. Divya Budhia Gupta(Head,P.G Department of Economics) and motivated them to keep spreading awareness in the society by organizing such events.

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