Swachhatta Pakhwara Celebrated in HMV Collegiate School under Buddy program

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  • September 23, 2022
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Swachhatta Pakhwara

Jalandhar September 23 (Jaswinder Singh Azad)- To sensitise students about the significance of cleanliness, HMV Collegiate School undertook Swachhatta Pakhwara with the effective guidance of Principal Prof. Dr. (Mrs.) Ajay Sareen under Buddy Program. Arrays of activities were conducted in which students participated enthusiastically and put their steps ahead to spread the message of cleanliness.

The essay writing competition was conducted where the students penned down their ideas by sitting in the lap of nature under the shade of trees on various topics like Challenges to Hygiene improvement in Developing Countries, The Role of Educational Institutions in promoting Cleanliness, Can Wall Paintings (Graffiti) in cities become Ambassador for Cleanliness, What is difference between in improving Sanitation and Human Health.

On the second day oath taking ceremony was organized in which students took pledge to be conscious and careful to make this world a cleaner and greener place and fulfil the objectives of ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’. On the third day in the string, there was celebration of Green School Drive Day in which all teachers of the school as well students showed their active participation. The teachers delivered informative lectures to students about water and environmental conservation.

On the fourth and the fifth day, Hand – Wash Day and Personal Hygiene Day was celebrated

On the fourth and the fifth day, Hand – Wash Day and Personal Hygiene Day was celebrated in which students became aware about the usage of hand wash and its benefits in our lives. They were told that there are certain habits which help us to remain fit and fine and washing hands properly with hand wash is one of them so that we feel protected against any kind of bacteria and viruses and keep all the diseases at bay. In Personal hygiene the students were made aware about personal grooming and its significance.

Principal Dr. Ajay Sareen appreciated the efforts of school coordinator Mrs. Meenakshi Sayal and the students and encourages them to participate more in these sorts of activities so that the vision of Clean India can be achieved. She further said that we should maintain physical as well as spiritual cleanliness and its not a single person’s responsibility to maintain cleanliness. We all can contribute to the individual level by using eco friendly measures.

School coordinator Mrs. Meenakshi Sayal averred that these kinds of awareness campaigns make the students aware about their ethical and civic duties which make them the responsible citizens of the world. While addressing the students she said that the knowledge and awareness gained from this cleanliness drive must be spread to their family members so that the world become cleaner and greener.

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