ACFA observed ‘World Suicide Prevention Day’

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  • September 10, 2023
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Suicide Prevention

Jalandhar September 10 (Jaswinder Singh Azad)- The Psychology Forum of Apeejay College of Fine Arts, Jalandhar observed World Suicide Prevention Day. One day workshop was organized on this day titled ‘Interventions and Strategies for Suicide Prevention’ with the motto to create awareness on this sensitive but necessary issue spread in our contemporary society.

On this occasion, Ms. Damini Tiwari, Deputy Counselling Psychologist from Lovely Professional University, was present as a keynote speaker in this workshop. Ms Tiwari addressing the students, said that one needs to understand that there is a difference between committing suicide and attempting suicide. This situation can be prevented if the intervention happens at the right time. She asserted first of all, if thoughts of committing suicide ever come in mind, a person should seek a psychologist without any delay and opt for therapy.

A person should seek help and depend on its inner circle

Also, a person should seek help and depend on its inner circle i.e people in his/her life on whom they can rely on and have unfiltered conversations and unlayer their innermost feelings before them. This often alters the situation is one of the effective solutions. Having an emotional support from people around works wonder for a person in his dark moments thinking of ending his/her life span. So, having people/friends in whose company one feels safe and feels belonged play a vital role for a person feels belonged and this emotion is cherished by every one.

Ms. Tiwari added that often it has been observed in oir society that the survivors or the people seeking thearapy are often given some lables. This often freshnes up their wounds and this pushes them in the depression once again who have been trying to come out of this. She added as a human beings we should be compassionate and spread kindness around and accept people on their various shades and be supportive towards them if they are going through the rough patch of their lives. Living an active life, being sorrounded by your set of people and postive thinking towards life can certainly help our society to get rid of suicide.

Also, a Poster making competition was organized on this occasion in which Ahana secured the first position, Gursimran and Diya Talwar got second position and Tamanna Mahajan got third position.All of them were given the certificates for their good work.

Principal Dr. Neerja Dhingra also highlighted the importance of creating awareness

Principal Dr. Neerja Dhingra also highlighted the importance of creating awareness about Suicide Prevention amongst the youth and said that the contemporary age sees a lot of competition and everyone wants to reach at the top as soon as possible. The youth often becomes ambitious and also there is a lot of peer pressure these days. Many a times intentionally or unintentionally parents too create a pressure on their children to be an achiever.

In all this seeking out and achieving goals, often a person loses its individuality and loses the right track and is not able to create balance his life and thus finds him/her self in the dark pitch where there does not seem anything else but just putting an end to its life. In such scenario, we at ACFA try our best to create awareness amongst the students highlighting the point that one is never alone and there is no shame in seeking help from the outside or take thearapy in the difficult moments of life; thus encouraging them to live a quality and happy life.

Principal Dr. Neerja Dhingra also appreciated the efforts of Ms Niharika and Ms Harpreet Kaur of Department of Psychology for the success of the workshop.

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