KMV organises a workshop on Genetic Counselling and Job Opportunities in India

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  • June 21, 2022
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Genetic Counselling

Jalandhar June 18 (Jaswinder Singh Azad)- Kanya Maha Vidyalaya (Autonomous) organised a workshop on “Genetic Counselling and Job Opportunities in India”. The workshop was organised by Department of Bio-Technology in collaboration with Institutions Innovation Council of KMV. The resource person for the workshop was Ms.DeeptiChaudhary. She commenced her talk by introducing the term Genetics and terminologies related to genetics.She talked about categories of genetic disorders mentioningAutosomal dominant,autosomal recessive, X-linked recessive disorders. She also talkedabout occurrence of common disorders, Hypertension, Gout,Diabetes mellitus, cleft lip and palate, schizophrenia,congenital heart diseases and many more.She stressedon the significance of normal Karyotypefor healthy life& also discussed how chromosomal abnormalities leadto problems in pregnancy,intellectual disorders, cardiac disorders.She said the main objectives of genetic counselling are to provide family with complete andaccurate information about genetic disorderspromoting informed decisions by involved family members, clarifying family’s options available for treatment and prognosis; explaining alternatives to reduce the risk of genetic disorders; decreasing the incidence and impact of disorders. She introduced who are genetic counsellors and their role. Respecting the right of individual, non-directive approach, keeping privacy of individual and family and maintaining the communication betweenCounsellor and client are ethics of genetic counselling.She told about different molecular and cytogenetic tests which are done for genetic counselling.She encouraged students to be genetic counsellors in future because it not only helps in getting good jobs and making their future bright, but it is noble cause for the society. During concludingremarks, she took queries of students very smartly and clarified everydoubt of students.Principal Prof Atima Sharma Dwivediextended her gratitude towards Dr. Chaudhary for imparting such an important information to the students. Madam Principal lauded the efforts of Department of Biotechnology for successfully organising the workshop.

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