INNOKIDS of Innocent Hearts organizes ‘Refreshing Summer’ and ‘Mango Delicacy’ activities for the little ones

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  • May 18, 2023
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Jalandhar May 18 (Jaswinder Singh Azad)- Across INNOKIDS of five schools of Innocent Hearts (Green Model Town, Loharan, Nurpur Road, Cantt. Jandiala Road and Kapurthala Road) various summer based activities for the classes Discoverers, Scholars, Learners and Explorers was organized. Activity ‘Refreshing Summer’ for class Discoverers and Scholars and ‘Mango Delicacy’ for class Learners and Explorers were conducted. In these activities children were informed about the consumption of fruits and their juices in the rising heat. Information about the delicious fruit mango and various dishes made from mango was also given. They were also taught how to make lemonade.

In the classes, the teachers told the children that watermelon, litchi, grapes, orange all fruits are eaten in summer. These fruits are not only healthy, but the consumption of the juice of these fruits protects us from dehydration and also helps in controlling the body temperature in summer. They stated that mango is such a fruit, which is ahead of all fruits in terms of health and taste.

They informed the children about different varieties of mangoes like Langda, Safida, Totapari, Chausa, Ratnagiri, Sindhuri, Dussehri etc. It was also informed to tiny tots that we can make many delicious dishes from mango like smoothie, ice cream, mango cheese cake and mango shake. Teachers told the children that they should consume more water during the summer season.

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