KMV organises an educational trip to Chandigarh

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  • December 6, 2022
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educational trip

Jalandhar December 6 (Jaswinder Singh Azad)- Kanya Maha Vidyalaya (Autonomous) organised an Educational Trip to Chandigarh. The trip was organised by P. G. Department of Fashion Designing. The students of B.Sc.Fashion Designing and M.Sc. Fashion Designing accompanied by faculty members went for an educational trip. The students visited the Doll Museum, Elante mall, Sukhna Lake, Rock Garden & Bird Park etc. It was an opportunity for them to explore the different aspects of this modern city.

The students were awestruck in the International Dolls Museum, which is the first of its kind in India and museum showcases precious and invaluable collection of heritage dolls of about 32 different countries comprising exotic and indigenous dolls with historical, socio-cultural, geographical, artistic, fashion design and costume features.Next the students were taken to the newly inaugurated Bird Park developed by the Department of Forest & Wildlife, UT Chandigarh at Sukhna Lake for creating awareness among general public towards bird conservation; especially the young minds on nature education and conservation.

Next stop was the iconic Nek Chand Rock Garden

Next stop was the iconic Nek Chand Rock Garden where these enthusiastic travellers were awestruck to see the beautiful sculptures and the art pieces made of scrap and waste materials. This was especially liked by the students as they are studying sustainable fashion. Later in the day, the students had lunch and fun time at the famous Sukhna Lake. Finally the students went to Elante mall and learnt about the concept of marketing and salesmanship besides visual merchandising techniques displayed by a plethora of national and international fashion brands.

Principal Prof. Atima Sharma Dwivedi averred that such activities help the students to acquire important information with interest and they also return to their classroom with full zeal and enthusiasm after an energetic break. Madam Principal lauded the efforts of Dr. Harpreet Kaur, Head, P.G. Department of Fashion Designing and faculty members for successfully organising the trip.

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