KMV organises traditional Amar Jyoti function to give a warm send off to its final year students

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  • April 29, 2023
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Amar Jyoti

Jalandhar April 29 (Jaswinder Singh Azad)- Kanya Maha Vidyalaya (Autonomous) at the end of its academic session organised pious Amar Jyoti function to give a traditional warm send off to the final year students. The chief guest for the occasion was Dr. Sushma Chawla (Vice President KMV Managing committee). The function was chaired by Mrs Sushila Bhagat (Member, KMV Managing committee). Also gracing the occasion were Mrs. Deepali Luthra, Mrs. Shiv Mittal, Dr. S.P. Gupta, members of KMV Managing committee.

Welcoming one and all on the 137th Amar Jyoti function of the college, Principal Prof. (Dr.) Atima Sharma Dwivedi asserted that the function represented the traditional values and culture that the college stood for. Expressing reverence for the progressive education and traditionally rooted values for which the college stood she saluted the historic place which groomed the youthful girls holistically.

The students sang the traditional songs

Blessing the students she averred that having learned good values during their tenure in the college may they continuously achieve new unachieved heights in all they desired. The students sang the traditional songs ‘Namo Desh Bhoomi Namaste Namaste’ and ‘Jai Jai Janni Jai Jai Mata’&also shared their beautiful memories on the occasion. At the culmination of the programme, Dr. Sadhna Tandon Head, Department of Zoology and Dr. Iqbal kaur Head, Department of Punjabi who had retired from their services recently were felicitated for their dedication to their profession.

All the members of the faculty who had taught Moral Education classes were also honoured with certificates. Dr. Sushma Chawla addressing the students said that having received education at an institution known for its excellence they should contribute towards the upliftment of humanity. Smt. Sushila Bhagat also blessed the would be young graduates. Madam Principal lauded the efforts of Dr Shalini Gulati, Dr Poonam Sharma and the whole organising committee for successfully organising the event.

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