KMV salutes Invincible Spirit of Young Women during International Women’s Day celebrations

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  • March 6, 2023
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Young Women

KMV bestow the Promising Young Women Award 2023 to the students who have achieved unmatched success in their fields

KMV is a pioneer in creating empowered women from generation to generation since 1886: Mrs. Neerja Chandramohan, Hon’ble Member, K.M.V. Managing Committee

Jalandhar March 6 (Jaswinder Singh Azad)- Kanya Maha Vidyalaya (Autonomous) organised a special program on the occasion of International Women’s Day. Organised under the title Celebrating the Invincible Spirit of Young Indian Women, Dr. Sushma Chawla, Vice President, K.M.V. Managing Committee, Mrs. Neerja Chandramohan, Member, KMV Managing Committee, Dr. Kamal Gupta, Member, K.M.V. Managing Committee & Mrs. Anuradha Sondhi graced the program with their special presence. Along with the alumni of KMV who have achieved a various positions in their life, the present students of KMV were also honoured during the event.

Young Women

Welcoming all the guests, Principal Prof. Atima Sharma Dwivedi while congratulating everyone on International Women’s Day described the changing status and role of women at the global level as encouraging. She averred that women in every field of the society are striving to fulfil their role with full hard work, dedication and efficiency. Along with this, in the same context, she also talked in detail about the leading role being played by Kanya Maha Vidyalaya for the cause of women empowerment and education.

Young Women

Encouraging the students, Mrs. Anuradha Sondhi motivated them to correctly identify their purpose in life and keep moving forward to fulfil it. She also appreciated the tireless efforts made by Kanya Maha Vidyalaya for women empowerment and educating girl students according to the global demand and thus, making them self-reliant. Dr. Sushma Chawla, emphasising the need for women to be healthy, appealed to the students to keep moving forward in their life by always adopting positive thinking.

During the program, special guests Dr. Sushma Chawla and Dr. Kamal Gupta for their contribution in medical

It is noteworthy that during the program, special guests Dr. Sushma Chawla and Dr. Kamal Gupta for their contribution in medical and especially women’s health care field, Mrs. Neerja Chandra Mohan for social welfare work, Mrs. Anuradha Sondhi for valuable contribution in the promotion and dissemination of Indian culture and arts & Principal Prof. Atima Sharma Dwivedi for pioneering news initiatives in the field of education werefelicitated with the Iconic Women of Substance Award.

Young Women

The alumni of the college, who have made a significant mark in various fields such as entrepreneurs, fashion designing, media, research, languages, sports, etc., were honoured with the Promising Young Women Award 2023, in which from the field of media Varun Kaur Mann, international level softball player Heera Kumari, faculty trainer Anukiran Khanna, entrepreneur Mrs. Neha Waraich Grover, Ms. Aanchal as well as Mehak, who have made a mark in the field of animation were felicitated.

Apart from this, Aanchal, Ruhi Dhiman, Manleen Kaur, Ramandeep Kaur, Kritika, Cadet Shruti Singh, Cadet Shruti Karwal & Shireen etc. were the students who are continuously striving in the field of education and extracurricular activities, social welfare, research, innovation and entrepreneurship were also honoured during the program. A colourful program presented by the students of the department of ECA also won the hearts of everyone. Madam Principal lauded the efforts of Dr. Madhumeet, Dean, Student Welfare, Dr. Gurjot Kaur and Mrs. Amarpreet Khurana & the whole organising committee for organising this successful event.

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