Mobile danger

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  • April 1, 2022
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We daily hear that mobile phones are very harmful for our health .The effects of radiations of the mobile phone are very dangerous. As we know that use of mobile has enormously increased, the bad effects of the mobile has increased doubled than the use. More than 4.5 billons people has subscribed the worldwide. Other digital wireless systems, such as data communicatilns networks, produce similar radiations. The WHO has classified mobile phone radiation on IARC scale into group 2B possibly carcinogenic That means that there could be some risk of cancer.

Some national radiation advisory authorities has recommended measures to minimize exposure to their city mobile phones and towers which limits electromagnetic radiation having health effects which can be divided into thermal and non thermal. Thermal refers to heating effect which you observe if you hold the phone for long near your ear. NON Thermal effect on the cells ,genes and DNA are more harmful than the thermal effects.

Much use of mobiles can lead to depression, headache, insomnia, less concentration, memory loss, ringing in ears, dependence and brain cancer. Try to avoid use of phone when there is no compulsion of it. Use it only for needed purpose. Try to take it away from kids and be with family rather with phone.

-Sunil Kumar, Batala

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