National Hindi Day celebrated in Innocent Hearts Group

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  • September 14, 2022
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Hindi Day

Jalandhar September 14 (Jaswinder Singh Azad)- In Innocent Hearts Group, students from Innokids to College celebrated National Hindi Day with enthusiasm, under which many activities were organized showing the importance of the Hindi language. In Innocent Hearts School, for the little ones of grade scholars ‘Kahaniyon ka Sansar’ and ‘Aao Gungunae’ from Discoverers, in which children participated enthusiastically.

Little children of grade scholars enthralled everyone by telling stories about the importance of truth, the story of the wolf, the ego, the story of two frogs, and the mother’s love. Discoverers presented beautiful and educative poems on topics like trees, festivals, parents, weather, virtue, cleanliness etc. in the poetry-recitation competition. The objective of these competitions is to develop the confidence of the children, hone their oratory skills and free them from stage fright.

The NSS unit of Innocent Hearts College of Education celebrated Hindi Diwas with great pride and grandeur to spread the message that Hindi language is the soul of our Indian cultural heritage. Several programs were organized in the college to throw light on the history and importance of the Hindi language. In these programs the couplets of Kabirdas, poet Rahim and poet Tulsidas ji were recited by student-teachers. A play was also staged by student-teachers on the theme ‘Hindi is our official language and the backbone of our country. Through various scenes, they showed love for the country and respect for the Hindi language.

Dr. Anup Bowry Chairman, of Innocent Hearts, congratulated everyone on Hindi Diwas and said it is our official language and we should always respect our Hindi language.

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