PCM SD College for Women celebrates Festival of Holi

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  • March 9, 2023
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Jalandhar March 8 (Jaswinder Singh Azad)- Holi was celebrated in the college premises in collaboration with the Youth Club and Central Association. Holi Tilak was put on the foreheads of staff members before the initiation of the ceremony. The festival of Holi enlivens a jovial and vibrant mood among people of all age groups, every year. Even days before the advent of the festival of colours the people start indulging in the merry making. Holi principally celebrates the arrival of spring after winter. It also symbolises the triumph of good over evil and looks forward to spreading happiness like a confetti.

The festival is also celebrated as thanks giving for a good harvest. According to the Hindu legend, King Hiranyakaship’s son Prahlada was made to sit on a pyre by his aunt, Holika, as it was believed that the fire couldn’t touch her. However, Holika caught fire and Prahlada was rescued. This is why Holi begins with the Holika bonfire, which culminates the end of evil and demonic forces. The carnival of colours initiates when people come out on streets to splash each other with colours and drench in coloured water through water guns or balloons.

Students were dressed up in dazzling attires. Few of them gave mesmerising dance performances while the audience revelled up to the dance to the dance tunes. President Shri Naresh Kumar Budhia, Senior Vice President Vinod Dada, other honourable members of the Managing Committee and the worthy Principal Prof. Dr. Pooja Prashar congratulated the students and the faculty on this pious occasion. She also felicitated the endeavours of the members of the Central Association and Youth Club in making the event a success.

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