Prof. Mohan Singh Memorial Foundation (CANADA) urge Central and State government to name educational institutions in the name of unsung heroes of freedom struggle of India

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  • February 3, 2023
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Prof. Mohan Singh

Jalandhar February 3 (Jaswinder Singh Azad)- Prof. Mohan Singh Memorial Foundation is a Canada based NGO dedicated to the legacy of patriots, martyrs’ and Punjabi culture besides promoting Punjabi across the world. The organization is active in in depth study of unsung heroes, martyrs’, revolutionaries and warriors of the Independence struggle of India including martyrs’ of Babbars Akali movement, martyrs’ of Komagata Maru and Gadar party who were not only tortured in the jails but hanged also stealthily by the British rulers in India to escape the wrath of the people.

The foundation has taken initiative to approach the governments both at the Centre and the State of Punjab to bring the glory of the martyrs’ back in different ways and modes to remind and refurbish the contribution of our martyrs’ who had either been forgotten or deliberately removed from the list of great martyrs’ including those who were hanged in the cellular cell after they were put in Kalapani.

The members of the foundation led by its president Mr. Sahib Singh Thind, who has put in several years of his efforts in digging out the past history of the unsung heroes of the Indian Independence struggle has also met the Punjab Chief Minister Mr. Bhagwant Singh Mann and Kuldeep Singh Dhaliwal and detailed them about his mission of reviving the glory of the Indian martyrs by way of naming the important cities, towns, native villages, roads, public places and educational institutions after the name of the martyrs’.

Central and the State government has named some roads, schools and cities in the name of great martyrs’ of India

The foundation is of the view that both the Central and the State government has named some roads, schools and cities in the name of great martyrs’ of India but had ignored the freedom fighters like Ajit Singh, Uncle of Shaheed-e-Azam Bhagat Singh, Mewa Singh Lopoke, Canada, Bhag Singh Bhikhiwind, Hafiz Abdullah, Ludhiana, Bir Singh, Ishar Singh and many others who were the activists of Gadar party and were either hanged and shot dead. The list of martyrs’ of the Gadar party includes more than 30 warriors of the Indian Independence struggle who sacrificed their lives to show a ray of hope of independence to crores of their Indian fellows reeling under the tortuous rule of the British.

Likewise the list of martyrs’ Babbar Akali movement is also not more than 30 martyrs’. These include Jathedar Krishan Singh, Sardar Karam Singh and many others who were hanged to death in 1926.

The foundation demands that the supreme sacrifice of the martyrs’ of Gadar Party and Babbar Akali Movement be glorified after naming educational institutions, roads and cities and public places after their name. Besides, a special chapter be included in the curriculum of school syllabus so that our younger generations are acquainted with the valour and sacrifice of our great heroes who had either gone unsung or unnoticed.

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