Students of ‘Health and Wellness Club’ of Innocent Hearts’ spread awareness through ‘Do’s and Don’ts role play in Rainy Season

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  • July 26, 2022
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Health and Wellness

Jalandhar July 26 (Jaswinder Singh Azad)- Students of ‘Health and Wellness Club’ of the five schools of Innocent Hearts (Green Model Town, Loharan, Cantt. Jandiala Road, Royal World and Kapurthala Road) performed a role play and street play on the topic ‘Do’s and Don’ts in Rainy Season’.

On this occasion, a special assembly was organized for all the students, in which through this street play and role play prepared by the ambassadors, moderators and students of ‘Health and Wellness club’, everyone was informed that always eat boiled or grilled vegetables in the rainy season, wash fruits before eating and thoroughly wash vegetables before cooking, be sure to include mint, basil, ginger etc. in hot beverages like tea and coffee.

Then they also notified what things should be not be eaten in the rainy season and what should be avoided. We should avoid eating outside especially uncovered food. Never eat fruits that are already peeled. Do not add ice while taking soft drinks in restaurants and food stalls. Do not consume junk food like pizza, pasta, burger etc. Don’t ignore your child’s fever at any circumstances, especially fever with body aches. Avoid touching your eyes and face. Do not wear wet clothes and wet shoes, don’t allow children to play in rain.

Do not allow water to stagnate in any container of the house or around the house, this can save you from dangerous diseases like dengue, chikungunya that spread by breeding of mosquitoes. Apart from this, the teachers advised the children in their respective classes that in this rainy season everyone must take good care of their health.

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