Three-Day International Conference on Overlapping of Aryavarta and Ramayana Parikarma at PCM S. D. College for Women in association with Bhartiya Shikshan Mandal

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  • March 26, 2022
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Jalandhar March 26 (Jaswinder Singh Azad)- Prem Chand Markanda S.D. College For Women, Jalandhar (Punjab) in association with Bhartiya Shikshan Mandal organized a three-day Interdisciplinary International Conference on the theme “Overlapping of Aryavarta And Ramayana Parikarma Across South Asia: An Interpretative Exegesis of Both Circle Across Time and Space.

“To begin with, the worthy Principal of the college Dr.(Mrs.) Pooja Prashar formally welcomed everyone on behalf of the college. On the Second Day of the Conference, the Plenary session was chaired by Dr. Chitra, Assistant Professor in English at Yonphula Centenary College, Royal University of Bhutan. She said that Ramayana is followed not only in India but also in a number of other nations such as Thailand, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Bhutan, to name a few.

Madan Charni Chadda, Creative Specialist with Ministry of Education, Information and Communication, Bhutan. She opined that Ramayana inculcates the spirit of love, esteem and integration. Almost thirty participants presented the papers in the technical session.

On the third day of the conference, Professor, Dhan Prashad Pandit from Padmakanya Multiple Campus, Nepal was the guest speaker on the third day of the conference. He illumined the audience on the initiative sought by our institution in signing the International Memorandum of Understanding Student Exchange, a pact with their institution. He maintained his stance as to how this step of student and faculty exchange will encourage holistic growth not just for academic purposes but also on humanitarian ground.

Dr.Khum Prasad Sharma from Padmakanya Multiple Campus, Nepal was another speaker

Dr.Khum Prasad Sharma from Padmakanya Multiple Campus, Nepal was another speaker. He held that Ramayana is the part of our tradition and we have to make it a part of our life and the relevance of this antediluvian text is not solely limited to India but is timeless. Dr. Jai Singh, EFL University, Hyderabad said that we should move forward in our life by getting inspiration from the life of Lord Rama who gave us the message of universal welfare. Also the text, according to him, should be approached from a literary point of view, as a narrative whole.

Dr Poonam Sood, Department of Hindi, S.V. College, Delhi said that there is no other religious text except Ramayana that has exercised such a deep influence in our civilization and this holy book nurtures man and society in the best possible way. In the Valedictory session, Sh. Ashwani Aggarwal, Former Professor at Panjab University, Chandigarh enunciated that Ramayana is a perfect reference book on every subject and its increasing relevance transcends all geographical boundaries and not just South Asia, thereby, completing the full circle of ‘Parikrama’ and the influence is paramount as well as manifold.

Shri Vinod Dada ji graced the occasion

Senior Vice President of the Governing Body of S.D College, Shri Vinod Dada ji graced the occasion with his magnificent presence. At the conclusion of the conference, Convenor the conference, Dr. Mrs. Kiran Arora expressed vote of thanks to all the intellectuals and participants. The co-ordinator of the conference was Mrs.Kawaljit Kaur.

The duty of the stage secretary was effectively performed by Associate Professor Dr.Neena Mittal, Department of Hindi, Mrs Divya Budia, Assistant Professor of Economics and Mrs Shikha Puri, Assistant Professor of Commerce. Dr. Jai Singh, contributed immensely in the organization of the conference. The discourses of all the intellectuals have beentremendously knowledgeable.

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