World Braille Day celebrated by Disabled Persons Welfare Society Hoshiarpur

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  • January 4, 2023
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World Braille Day

Scholarship awarded to five visually impaired students

Hoshiarpur, January 4 (Tarsem Diwana) – Today, World Braille Day was celebrated by the Disabled Persons Welfare Society Hoshiarpur on the occasion of the birth anniversary of the Messiah of humanity, Dr. Louis Braille. On this occasion, the portrait of Dr. Louis Braille was garlanded with flowers. Speaking on this occasion, President of the society Sandeep Sharma said that despite being blind, Dr. Louis Braille enlightened the dark world of blind people by inventing Braille script and enabling them to read. The invention of Braille by Dr Louis Braille is no less than a boon to the blind.

On this occasion, General Secretary Jaswinder Singh Sahota, giving information about the life of Dr. Louis Braille, said that blind children are achieving success by studying with Braille script. Dr. Louis Braille made the blind able to know everything through Braille script with the help of fingers despite being unable to see. Therefore, Dr. Louis Braille’s gift will always be remembered by people all over the world. On this occasion Nishant Mehra, Nimit Gupta, Jaspal Singh, Munish Singh and Harsh Mehra blind students were awarded Principal Om Prakash Bagga Scholarship for one year which will be awarded every year.

It is worth mentioning that principal Om Prakash Baga’s son Dr. Ajay Baga, a prominent social worker, is giving Principal Om Prakash Baga scholarship of 500 rupees per month to 15 students who are studying by selling newspapers. Sanjeev Arora, Professor Aman, Kuljit Singh etc. were present on this occasion.

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